Soon enough we will be zooming into the new year, and if you are looking to transform yourself into a whole new you, this article is a must read.

The way a person wears their hair says a lot about them and these particular hair trends and colours will surely help you make the statement you want to.

Have a look.

Chestnut Ombre

If you’re looking for something subtle, yet glamorous, an ombre is the way to go!


Blonde Balayage

If ‘Go bold, or go home’, is your motto, then transforming from being a brunette to becoming a blonde would be the biggest and boldest step you could have ever taken.


Rose Glold Blonde

Now this choice can either do you a whole lot of good or it could go wrong in all the possible ways. If you’re gutsy enough and have what it takes to pull off this look, I say go for it, girl!

Geode Hair

Looking to add color to your hair, but don’t want to bleach it? With minimal stripping, this amethyst-to-navy ombré is gentle on hair and  truly lives up to its gem namesake.


Overgrown Roots

You can either get it done or wait for your already blonde coloured hair to fade out into this beautiful mess.


Caramel Highlights

Again, if subtly is you style, then these Caramel Highlights are sure to give your otherwise dark hair some character.


Jet Black

If you have Shay Mitchell’s golden skin tone, jet black should be on your radar this coming year.




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