1. Someone who has a life of their own.

We don’t need you to consume our every moment. We’re not waiting for you to save us from our banal existence. We just want you to hop in for the ride.

2. Someone who listens.

Here is a hot tip for you all. Usually, girls aren’t looking for you to give advice or solve problems that are so easily solvable– they just want to vent. They want to tell you about whatever is running through their head, they want to be so open with you that they can tell you about the nuances of their day and what they had for lunch and all the other things nobody else would care about. More importantly, girls want someone who take their thoughts and opinions seriously, and don’t just brush them off. They want someone who acts and changes their behaviors when they voice that they’re unhappy.

3. Someone with whom we just “click.”  Someone who we’d still be friends with if the romantic element were gone.

Call it chemistry or whatever, but at the end of the day you need to be with someone with whom you have a slightly unexplainable but also undeniable pull toward. Someone who lights a little fire in your heart and groin and makes you want to try even if you feel like trying could be ultimately futile. Someone who is your best friend during the day and your lover at night. Someone who you can talk to, someone who, at the end of the day, if you removed the romance, you’d still be friends with.

4. Someone who has their shit sorted. A.K.A – Is ambitious in life.

Nobody wants to seriously be with someone who is lost, broke, out of school/unemployed and not really looking to change that. Ambition is one of those things that needs to match in a relationship, otherwise it’s a constant tug of war of waiting and pushing your partner to get their act together.

5. Someone who has a sensitive side to them as well, which peeks through the curtains now and again.

Look. You want to get down to the reality of it all, the things that are going to mean the most are the morning texts and cute little love notes and nauseating shit like that. We don’t want hardened hearts at the end of the day– nobody does. We don’t want you reeling from your last fling, telling us you care without showing, seemingly only mildly interested. We want all of you, forever, you and us.

6. Someone who appreciated you for who you are and accepts you with all your flaws.

Girls want a guy who appreciates everything about them. If they went out of their way to cook a special dinner for an occasion, they want the guy to take it in and appreciate it. It’s so important to us that men appreciate the little things we do, even more than the big things. If you wear a special perfume your guy likes, you want him to compliment, right? Of course you do. You’re wearing it because you know he likes it. You want him to appreciate the fact you remember him telling you that, and you thought enough to wear it for him again this time around.

7. Someone who can be romantic from time to time.

How great is it when your guy plans something fun for you two do to just because? Or brings you flowers because he was thinking of you? Um, amazing. But most likely, it probably doesn’t happen that often. We get that men are always busy thinking about anything and everything, but if they want to keep the relationship fresh, they have to put in the time and get romantic. And it’s easy, too. All men have to do is light some candles and rent a movie he knows his girl will like. Or maybe try to cook his lady a special dinner. Romance doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to try.

8. Someone who makes you laugh.

There’s nothing like a funny guy that can make your day. When you’re feeling down because your boss yelled at you, or because you gained a few pounds over that long weekend getaway, a funny guy can instantly cheer you up with a few choice words. But he doesn’t have to be a comedian for this to work. He just needs to be be able to laugh at himself and with you to do the trick.

9. Someone who communicates with you (Even when you’re fighting)

Communication is huge in a relationship, and when it’s done right it’s very effective. You want to be able to talk to your man about what’s going on between you two so that you can move past the issue and grow stronger as a couple. Not only that, but you want to be able to chat with him about issues you have about yourself or something going on in your life. It’s so important to have a partner you can trust to talk to about anything and everything.

10. Supports you and your goals.

No one wants to date a dud. Could you imagine if you were dating a guy that had no goals for himself, therefore didn’t understand why you had yours? Awful. You want a man who not only understands why you have goals, but also challenges them to give you even more drive to succeed. He gets that you have passion and loves it so he helps you figure out how to get where you want without leaving you to figure it out on your own.

11. Someone who’s proud to be with her.

Not having a man proud to be with you seriously sucks. If he’s hiding you from his friends or introducing you to people by your first name without the title “girlfriend” in front of it, he doesn’t seem to be very proud. A girl wants a man to hold her hand in public, tell people she’s his, and act as though he couldn’t imagine being with anyone else in the room.

12. Someone who’s chivalrous and gentlemanly.

The guy should be well mannered. Be gracious and polite to his women, infact to everyone. Your kindness would speak for you.


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