The worst fashion fails of 2017 are here. From the weirdest clothes to the ugliest of make up tricks. Have a look yourself.

  1. Hairy Swimsuit

Isn’t the whole idea of wearing a swimsuit to show off you well toned hairless body? Then what’s with this bodysuit swimsuit with hair print. Weird af.


2. Clear Transparent Plastic Jeans (Courtsey – Topshop)

If we have to buy a pant for rain-wear, we now know where to go. Right girls? This Clear pant concept is clearly everyone’s piece of cake.


3. Crazy Brow Trends

There are girls who could go to any length, just to get the perfect arched brows, and then there are girls who’d do this.


4. Layered Nail Paint

Apart from taking an eternity to dry, this nail trend never caught on. I hope.


5. RompHim – Man Rompers

Not being sexist here, but this makes the men look like man children. Clearly.



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