Are you feeling the mid week blues and are in no mood to keep pushing? Do you feel terribly low? Well, it’s your job to regulate your emotions, even though you’re under stress. Whether you are starting off for the first time away from home, facing the boss’ wrath or looking for new ways to cope with stress, these tips are for you! So how can you re-regulate when you’re feeling lonely, cranky, or down in the dumps? Let’s find out!

1. Take a walk
Walking serves many functions. It can be a distraction, exercise to increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping, or a change of scenery to help you shift your perspective. Walking helps clear your thoughts of all anxieties.


2. Spend time in nature
Take your walk out in the sunshine, or in the rain. Look around at the trees and the birds or the flowers or the cloudy gray sky. Appreciating the vastness of the natural world can leave you in awe and help you replenish your spirit. Learn to appreciate the small things, it’ll give you the little joys of life.


3. Read a book
Ideas in books can open your mind, take you to new worlds, help you see your own struggles played out within the story, or help you step outside your own experiences while you walk in some else’s shoes. Books can teach or entertain and often do both at the same time. Just like dogs, books are a man’s best companion.


4. Call a friend
What’s better than chatting up with your buddy and relieving yourself off of the stress? Human beings are social creatures. Seeking out the support of someone who understands your emotions and your experiences is an excellent way to re-group.


5. Meditate
Meditation is the practice of focusing your mind very intently on something simple, like your breathing or the flame of a candle, and then holding your mind there and/or being patient with yourself while you observe how difficult such a simple task can be.


6. Take a nap
The easiest and quickest way out. Sometimes the best medicine in this fast paced culture is a nice, quiet time to rest. Just lie down. Turn off electronic devices and turn on the nice soothing sound of a fan or soothing music and snuggle up for a cozy nap. You’ll feel better when you’re rested.


7. Make something — paint, draw, or sew
Creating an art or craft can busy your hands and mind, and lead to the reward of a completed project to add a little lift to your spirits. Be sure to pick something small to increase your chances of reaping the rewards of completion.


8. Listen to soothing music 
Music is scientifically proven to uplift and change the mood. Music can shift your brain wave patterns. Fast, loud, aggressive music can put you in the mood for a big presentation or a job interview. Likewise, soft sounds can help you relax and unwind. The trick with music is to choose sounds that evoke the mood you wish to feel, not those that reinforce a mood you’re struggling to change.


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