19th April – 20th May

Taurus was the second sign to be established among the ancient Mesopotamians – who knew it as the Bull of Heaven.. Beauty and brains, Taurus is the total package. Belonging to the element Earth, individuals born under this sign are often people who are highly reliable and practical. Yet, they can be difficult to gauge!

  1. A Taurus is practical and has good common sense.


2. A Taurus will always keep your secret safe.


3Taurus are a loyal friend and faithful enemy.


4. Taurians have the most patience.


5. The things that a Taurus will do in bed are things some people pay for. Kinky much?


 6. You could be right and still lose the argument with a Taurus.


 7. Taurians don’t wait for tomorrow to live now.


8. Taurians have a talent for the arts, they have a beautiful singing voice, they are reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, successful, strong and loving.



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