Are you all pumped up to start this new year with a brave face having forgotten all of your past mishaps? Here’s something that’ll definitely give you some more hope and positivity to kick start your year with a bang!

  1. First things first. Here’s wishing every one a happy and prosperous new year!


2. This year, work harder. Put in twice the energy and effort into everything it is that you do. 



3. Even if you come across a hurdle, may it be big or small, take onto it with a smile and embrace it. Face your fears and hardships.


4. There’s a time and place for everything. No two people were ever born to be the same. So keep working, hold on, be patient. When your time to shine will come, you’ll be the brightest star.


5. Try do learn at least one new thing everyday, because learning never stops even if we grow old.


6. Don’t ever belittle yourself or undermine yourself. You are enough, and you are doing well. Always be true to yourself and believe.


7. Feel free to do something that you usually wouldn’t otherwise. Step out of your comfort zone and experience a whole new world.


8. You weren’t born perfect, and that’s okay.


9. Don’t let one failure bring you down. Treat it like a stepping stone.


10. Don’t waste time. Make the most of every minute.






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