22nd August – 22nd September

Virgos are the sixth zodiac sign known as a one-man/woman army. They are analytical in nature and super organised in whatever it is that they do. They believe that perfection exists and will do anything to achieve it with both hands. They are super efficient and diligent folks.

  1. Virgos are control freaks. Yes, the super detail-oriented people rather do all the work than fuss over what their peers are doing. They cannot tolerate anything amiss in their planning or in their work. Hence, they end up doing all the work themselves. 


2Virgos take relationships seriously, which is why they usually stay in some longer than they probably should.


3. Virgos are keen observers and if you are trying too hard, it would be very obvious to them. 


4. Virgo minds never stop thinking, they are always over analyzing & worrying.


5 Virgos are talented in whatever they do but if they don’t love it, they won’t do it.


6.  Don’t underestimate a Virgo. They will rise at the least expected moment.


7. Virgos value their privacy. They are mysterious in nature and hate anyone encroaching their territory. 


8. Virgos are pretty self-reliant and want to be around like-minded people. God forbid if want to be whiny around them! 



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