lucid dream is one during which the dreamer is aware of the fact that he/she is dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the characters, narrative, and environment in their respective dream.

Dream lucidity is the basically awareness that you are dreaming. This awareness can range either from a faint recognition of the fact to a momentous broadening of perspective altogether. Lucid dreams usually occur when a person is in the middle of a normal dream and suddenly realizes that they are dreaming. It scan be shocking but then again, to know or to be able to control what you’re doing is extraordinary altogether.

A wake-initiated lucid dream happens when you go from a normal waking state directly into a dream state, with no apparent lapse in consciousness. In either case, the dreams are more bizarre and emotional than regular dreams. Most importantly, you will have at least some ability to control your “dream self” and the surrounding dream.

Here are a few benefits of lucid dreaming.

  1. You can access your subconscious.

This is the land of your dreams and if you’re not lucid dreaming, you’re not experiencing most of what is happening in your mind! If you can imagine the benefits of having the password to unlock that folder, you can begin to understand the benefits of lucid dreaming.

So much of what we truly fear and truly believe is locked away behind the gates of our subconscious mind. Luckily, when we learn how to lucid dream, we get to process all of this information and try to make sense of it all.


2. You slowly start to understand how to interpret your dreams.

When you have a nightmare about falling or a dream about flying, it’s easy to interpret those experiences as literal, right? It must mean you are afraid of falling or you wish to fly, right?

A falling dream might actually just be about your fear, that you’re losing control in your relationship or real life and a flying dream may be about your desire to be free from that relationship. Interesting, right? So, how do you figure out what these confusing symbols mean?

Lucid dreaming lets you take a front row seat to those dreams and experience them in real time. Learning how to have a lucid dream gives you the password to your subconscious mind and lets you actively seek understanding before your conscious mind has an opportunity to interrupt and confuse you.


3. It can stop nightmares.

Nightmares are so scary because we aren’t aware of the fact that we are dreaming when we experience them. Imagine a dream where you are being chased by a serial killer and then getting trapped in a house with the murderer without any escape or safe place to go to.

Wouldn’t that be a terrifying dream? You’d probably wake up in a cold sweat. However, if you were able to lucid dream during that experience, you’d know that all of it was in your mind and none of it was actually real. The very act of knowing you are dreaming can stop the nightmare in its tracks.

So, are you going to try this out?



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