1. You should have at least one perfect pair of jeans that looks like it has been made just for you.

Having a pair that fits you like a second skin is a must.


2. Show off your skin strategically.

Looking truly sexy involves knowing what to bare-and what to keep under wraps. Otherwise, where’s the mystery?


3. Go hands free for night out!

You don’t want to be lugging around a bag in your hand everywhere you go to? You’d want throw away your worries and dance your heart out. Most importantly, what if you forget it somewhere. But if you have a small sling bag on your person, all the aforementioned is taken care of.


4. Thrown on a scarf.

All that’s needed to primp up a boring outfit is a scarf with a pop colour. From drab to fab in a moment.


5. Layer your accessories especially necklaces

Sometimes more-is-more. Throw on a few dainty pieces together for a killer look.


6. Conquer your fear of colours.

Have you always dreaded the bright red lipstick because you don’t know if it’d look good on you, or have you never worn a pink dress, because you fear it might make you look like a giant flower? Well, you won’t know unless you actually try it!

7. A little sparkle never hurt no one.

Start small with maybe sparkly accessories or a nice shiny clutch.


8. Always have a sewing kit in handy at home.

You never know when you’d bust the button of your favourite shirt or spoil the zip of your favourite skirt.


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