The housemates were on their toes last night to earn back all their lost money in the Ticket to Finale task.

Luv and Puneesh had turned into thieves for the task and the rest of them were asked to guard the products at the display. As seen in the video snippet, Vikas and Puneesh almost come to some serious blows. Take a look at the teaser to know more and watch the whole episode on

Shilpa Shinde was moved to tears as Puneesh Sharma tried to console her. The caption of the post went on as: Shilpa Shinde gets emotional after the Commoners vs Celebrities game in the Ticket to Finale task. Find out more tonight at 10:30 PM. #BB11 #BBSneakPeek

Luv Tyagi had another outburst in which he tried to steal a few products from the museum himslef. Some kind of game plane, Luv?

Everyone criticized him for his reckless attitude as they would eventually end up losing money if a product was damaged. Take a look at the post that was captioned as – Luv Tyagi tries hard to steal the products from the BB Museum. Catch all the action, tonight at 10:30 PM on #BB11. #BBSneakPeek



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