No one should have to sacrifice comfort to be able to fly in style. As a matter of fact, when you walk down that airport runway, you should look just as fab as if you were walking for NY Fashion Week. #SLAYMOMMA

And when you’re on vacation (another city or a beach destination), you don’t really have to bring too much (read: TOO MUCH) luggage just so you could publish Instagram-worthy #ootds.

Whether it’s a 2-hour flight or an 18-hour one, we should always look our best, and feel our best. It’s hard, especially since we’re always on the go (#BossGirlProblems), but let us take two minutes of your time to share our knowledge on easy, chic, and comfortable travel outfits you should always have on hand.

Truth is, you don’t need a lot of clothes to stay on trend.

What you really need:

1) A T-shirt

One that’s soft and loose fitting.

Very simple. You can wear light, loose shirts with anything, and you’ll look chic AF. It’s also perfect for those lazy days (where you have to force yourself to go out because you didn’t just book tickets to stay in your hotel room).

2) A Jacket or Cardigan

For when it suddenly gets cold…

A denim jacket is always a good idea. It adds funk to your outfit, taking it to a whole other level. You can also wear it with dresses or shirts — very versatile!

If you’re feeling a little trendy, why not try corduroy jackets or embroidered ones?

The point is, you should always have a jacket with you. It could get really cold in the plane, or at night when you’re out with your friends, and a jacket will save you from getting all chilly!

3) Fitted Pants with Stretch

Wear stretch denim or leggings or sweatpants!

You should always have comfortable bottoms with you whenever you travel. Especially if it’s a long-haul flight, sweatpants are your best bet. (Although I highly suggest that you just bring denim or leggings).
Although pants don’t really cross our minds when our trip is to the beach or somewhere out of the city, it’s important to bring at least one pair of jeans.

There’s actually a lot of ways to slay denim jeans. Wear with a cute top and put a scarf over your neck, and you’re good to go. That way, you won’t look under-dressed or too casual when opting to have dinner at a nice restaurant. I mean, you don’t know if, and when, a cute guy who just met is gonna ask you out on a date!

4) Comfortable yet stylish shoes

Sneakers, sandals, or flats — take your pick!

White canvas sneakers from ZALORA

If you want to bring less stuff on your trip, invest in good white sneakers. You can dress them up or down, and wear them with a variety of clothing pieces — dresses, shorts, jeans, name it! And they won’t hurt your feet from long hours of walking.

5) One Signature Accessory

Just a li’l extra something to feel more “you”.

Leather gloves from white embroidered cap from Cap City International, and Pom Pom beanie from French Connection.

Could be leather gloves if you’re going for the biker chic vibe (or you’re just plain adventurous), a floral embroidered cap if you’re feeling sweet and casual, or a Pom Pom beanie for a more autumn experience?

You could also wear a statement belt or a headband.

6) Dress

Doesn’t have to be an LBD.

A white dress could work just as perfectly.

Stretch Halter Bodycon from Red works, too

The point is, bring at least one dress with you, one you can wear to a nice dinner. Works for when you want to have a night out as well.

7) Scarf

There are so many ways to wear a scarf.

For your hair…

Or for an added touch in your jeans or bag.

If it’s too cold, you can wear a scarf around your neck. If it’s too hot, you can wear it as a headband or a ponytail. Whatever temperature it is, there’s always some use for a scarf.

8) Scrunchy flats

Always bring extra.

If you’ve somehow liked reading this post, and you’ve gone from #4 to #8, you’re probably thinking, “What the heck? I thought I’m taking a good pair of sneakers and THAT’S IT?” My reply would have to be, “That’s why you’re taking foldable flats with you!”

Although white sneakers can be paired with LITERALLY anything, flats are for when you’re needing to feel a little extra girly. Like if you’re going to be on a date. You can wear it as your “evening” shoes, too!
Also, you’re gonna need extra footwear if in case it rains. You wouldn’t wanna walk in soaking wet sneakers! Trust me!


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