Actor Parineeti Chopra, who last appeared in ‘Golmaal Again’, said that now she is signing amazing films and all this happened after the stupendous success of ‘Golmaal Again’. During media interaction when asked about joining the 200 crore club with ‘Golmaal Again’, Parineeti proudly said, “It has been great as ‘Golmaal Again’ became the biggest hit of last year. It joined 200 crore club.”

“I really wanted to do a film to join 100 crore club but it went just double so I am very happy. The kind of films I am signing now are amazing. My brand endorsements and other things are even better,” she added.

The actress has evidently shed quite a lot of weight after her initial films and so when asked if directors and producers are changing their perspective towards her after the weight loss, she said, “I think yes, the perspective did change, but not necessarily in the typical way.”

“When you’re in a particular shape, people have very particular expectations from you in terms of role playing. But when you give them a shock like that, they saw me in a different way and this is the reason I got ‘Golmaal Again’ because the role required a lot of action in the film. I don’t think I would have gotten the role if I wasn’t fit.”

Well, we wish you all the best, Parineeti! Can’t wait to see you in many more movies.


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