Zodiac signs are amazing, they can predict the best in you and even maybe what makes you, you. But on the not-so-bright side, your sun sign can also reveal some of your most annoying habits. And as we usually tell you the best and the most fun thing about your zodiac sign, it is time we also tapped the unchartered territory, your worst zodiac trait. Whether you agree or disagree with this, here is what your most irritating habits are according to your zodiac sign.


Your worst quality is that you are very childish. You get irritated on the smallest of issues and throw a fit whenever someone calls you on this. It offends you a lot and then you act more childish. The problem is, you know it’s true!


Your worst quality is that you are very stubborn. This often clouds your judgement and leads to some very wrong decisions in your life. This is why you are very afraid of changes and like the way things have been for long.


Your worst quality is that you’re too blunt. You tell it like it is and don’t hold back. The thing is, sometimes people don’t want to hear it. It is important to filter your thoughts sometimes.


Your worst quality is your fragile nature. You can easily get shaken or hurt by the slightest change. And this quality definitely influences sensitivity in you. This also leads to mood swings and often frequent changes in your temperament.


Your worst quality is that you’re very bossy. You want to do things your way because you know your way is not only the right way but also the best way. Try to let other people make the decisions every now and again. You are good at things, but it is also important to let other people have their chance.


Virgo, you’re narcissistic and love yourself too much to see fault. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself, but sometimes, it’s important to look at yourself a little more critically. Try analysing your decisions every now and then.


The worst quality you have is your inability to pick sides. One of your best qualities is that you naturally want peace and harmony and hate fighting, but sometimes you can take it too far. Sometimes it is important to stick to one side that you think is right.


Your worst quality is that you lie, and that too very often. Sometimes you lie because it’s easier than telling the truth. Just be careful not to weave a dangerous web!


Sagittarians, you’re known for making some of the stupid decisions in your life. You’re incredibly reckless and tend to be more carefree about it.


Your worst quality is that you’re fickle in most of your decisions. There’s nothing wrong with being indecisive sometimes, but changing your mind within a heartbeat can end you up in trouble. Also, it drives other people crazy.


Your worst quality is that you are a bit clingy. It’s just that you like people, there is no other explanation for it, but you have to give people their space sometimes.


Your worst quality, and the one that irritates the people around you the most is that you’re very lazy. Get up. Get moving. Do something before opportunities slip by.

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