Celebrities love social media. It’s a medium to connect with friends and fans. In fact, the trend of social media was started by celebrities only. Their fans get to know about their Gym selfies, travel diaries, OOTD posts and much more. But in this web of social media, there are some who avoid it altogether. Some celebs like to keep their lives private. Let us peep through the celebs that are not likely to find on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social platform.

1. Imran Khan

Just like in Bollywood, Imran has been inactive on the Internet too. He does not have any accounts, does not share pictures of his family.

2. Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee isn’t on any social media website, and recently clarified that all accounts on her name are fake.

3. Kajol

Kajol also stays away from social media. However, she recently started using Instagram with the help of her daughter and got trolled by her only.

4. Saif Ali Khan

While his wife uses Instagram, hubby Saif is pretty aloof. He is not on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or any other social website. But he has frequently seen on the Kapoor family Instagram accounts, especially during get-togethers.

5. Kangana Ranaut

The Queen actress recently turned down a brand endorsement simply because they wanted her to join a social media site! This clearly shows how strongly she feels about not joining social media.

6. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

While her husband Abhishek Bachchan and father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan are too active on social media, the beauty queen of Bollywood prefers to stay away from it.

7. Aditya Chopra

Like his wife, even Adi Chopra refrains from engaging is social activities. Both live extremely private lives.

8. Vidya Balan

This actress doesn’t find a point in being part of social media. She says, “I would rather talk to a person than sending a message.”

9. Ranbir Kapoor

His family loves Instagram, his father is a Twitter hero, but RK is not a fan of the Internet. He is one of the only stars of his generation to not be on any social platform.


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