The definition of a best friend is your best friend is there for you when you need advice, a shoulder to cry on, someone to see a movie with. But do you actually pick the right friend to go shopping.  Here are some things listed that you actually know whether your friend also makes the BEST shopping partner or not.

1. She knows exactly what you like.

2. She is honest with you when an outfit makes you feel fat and gross and when it looks fab on you.

3. She knows the value of your money. She stops you from making dumb purchases.

4. She’s patient when you’re taking a long time in the dressing room or looking for stuff for yourself. Instead, she helps you to get there.

5. And when you are damn tired, she’s always up for a coffee break.

6. DRS: Dressing room selfies. If you guys take no selfies in the dressing room then he/she is definitely not the one you are looking for.


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