Bollywood actress Kajol, who entered the world of superheroes with the upcoming ‘Incredibles 2’, said that the film is relatable to her life.

In a recent interview, the ‘Dilwale’ star said, “The film is more family based and is relatable to my real life. I said yes to this offer because I am a big Superhero fan.” Talking about her experience of voicing the film, she said, “It was really strange at first, but by the end of it was super fun.”

“The first name that came to mind was Kajol. We only had a plan A and that was Kajol,” said Bikram Duggal.
When asked about a superpower that she always wanted, she said, “I want eight hands and a brain to match it.”

Kajol also added that she only gives her nod to a film if the script manages to hold her attention. The movie is based on the life of Parrs, a family blessed with superpowers. Its prequel, the first in the series, was released in 2004.


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