Katrina Kaif is busy celebrating her 35th birthday today and hey, don’t we all want to join her? The actress who was busy with her Da-Bangg tour with Salman Khan in the US is currently chilling with her family at a countryside in England and there cannot be a better way to enjoy one’s birthday. Kat’s mother, Susanna, took to her Instagram account to share some pictures from her birthday celebration there and they look damn adorable. Kat looks extremely cheerful as she cuts her birthday cake and we all want to grab a bite from the same, right?

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Katrina Kaif is all smiling in the picture that her mom posted on her social media account and her glowing face is a sight for sore eyes. While other Bollywood celebs believe in hosting a grand bash of some sorts to celebrate their special day, Katrina preferred to enjoy her peace and be with her family instead. Amidst her busy schedule, there is very little time that she can devote to her family and a birthday getaway always comes in handy. There is no better place or a better idea to enjoy your birthday than be with the ones who love you the most.

Speaking about her birthday celebrations to Mumbai Mirror, Katrina had said, “Yes, I’m with family for my birthday and will return to Mumbai on Tuesday. I am in the countryside with my sisters, It is all about having fun, chilling and relaxing.” A source further elaborated it by saying, “Katrina flew to London last Friday and spent the weekend catching up with her mom and siblings. They visited their favorite haunts, including a vintage castle and she even went boating with her sisters on Sunday.”

Image result for latest images of katrina kaif 35th bday celebrations


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