We told you Salman Khan left to shoot Bharat’s second schedule in Malta a few days back. He was accompanied by his mother Salma Khan and sister Alvira and her husband Atul Agnihotri. And finally, the actor has posted something about his trip with his mother. He posted on his Instagram account a picture with his mother and wrote, “With the love of my life.” It’s a lovely picture of the actor with his mother leaning on him.

Salman has always said he is very close to his mother. In fact, his favorite dialogue on Bigg Boss is, “Do anything you want a man but never trouble your mother.” You can imagine how much he loves his mother. After ages have we seen a pic of him with his mother and that makes us really happy.

Image result for latest images of Meet the love of Salman Khan’s life – his mother Salma Khan

Speaking about who he loves the most in the world, Salman Khan had told TOI, My mother. It’s a different kind of love for both my parents. I get my energy and strength from my father. My mother, because she dotes on all of us and the amount she cares, protects and is all the time tensed for us. She is so lovely and that is not only with us but also our friends, the wives and with whoever there was in my life. She is funny, noble and very correct.” This is so AWW!

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