Located in India’s deep south, Bangalore is a city filled with culture and beauty, as well as an interesting culinary scene. We explore the best places to head for both a Western and Indian brunch in Bangalore.

100ft Boutique

100ft Boutique is a charmingly stunning little restaurant located in the heart of Bangalore. It is carefully crafted to entice guests in not only with its delectable dishes but also its eccentric decor. As Bangalore’s first boutique restaurant, 100ft Boutique offers a range of after brunch options, including the Chef’s pre-tossed salad. This dish consists of asparagus and broccoli healthily mixed with smoked salmon and piled with roasted salad.


Bangalore’s premiere Asian restaurant, Shiro guarantees a dish to suit every taste and every mood. The restaurant pampers its customers with an exquisite fine dining experience in a zen-like ambiance. Decorated with a huge Buddha statue, dim lights, and glass curtains, space creates a calm mood. The vegetarian Thai-style flatbread is a must-try for brunch. Fresh mushrooms and chestnuts are muddled up in Thai chili sauce which is served on a steamed bread seasoned with the house special chili sambal.


Kava is the place to go to seduce your taste buds with rich and authentic Indian flavors. It is the perfect brunch spot to head to for a relaxing morning experience. Located at the Marriott Hotel, the restaurant offers a delicious breakfast buffet featuring both Western and Indian dishes. Achari Lal Mirch ka Tandoori Jhinga is a particularly popular dish made up of succulent prawns blended with pickling spices, yogurt and red chili smoked by a traditional Indian barbecue.

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Zen Restaurant

Extravagance and regality exude from Zen Restaurant, located at the luxurious Leela Palace hotel. With massive carved pillars and intricately crafted chandeliers reflected in the numerous mirrors, the interior is a treat for the eyes. Not only does Zen satisfy your visual appetite, but it also takes guests on a gastronomical journey with an impressive variety and choices in Pan-Asian cuisine. With attentive staff and splendid service, Zen creates a memorable dining experience for its patrons.

Mavalli Tiffin Room

Mavalli Tiffin Room is one of Bangalore’s most legendary restaurants. With its hugely affordable prices and friendly staff, Mavalli Tiffin Room makes its guests feel right at home. The restaurant offers a very local brunch experience, with numerous house specialties rarely found elsewhere. These include rava idli, steamed semolina cakes made with yogurt, coriander, and curry leaves, or the kesaribhath, a porridge flavored with ghee, cashews, raisins, and saffron.

Via Milano

One of the best Italian restaurants in Bangalore, Via Milano has made it mark on the city’s culinary and brunch scene. With cream colored walls and seating and large windows letting in natural light, the decor looks elegant and fresh, perfect for starting the day. Black forest ham resting on toasted garlic bread garnished with sausages and molten mozzarella are one of the many delicacies the restaurant offers with their special Sunday brunch menu. It’s a must-visit for Italian cuisine lovers.

The Hole In The Wall Café

The Hole In The Wall Café is the place to go for a satisfying brunch. One of the heartwarming features of the cafe is their Charity Sunday, where they encourage guests to participate and generously provide food to the less fortunate. The cafe has a very homely and simple decor. They serve an excellent selection of homemade breakfast options, including waffles and pancakes drenched in syrup, and fried eggs topped with chili sauce and coriander, and served with toast.

Om Made Café

Om Made Café is a charming little cafe with a divinely designed outdoor seating area. The cafe aims to satiate its guests’ hunger with the freshest of ingredients bought to their table. Established in 2007, Om Made Café is a favorite place in Bangalore for grabbing a light meal. It has a delicious range of smoothies and sandwiches on offer.


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