Bangalore’s demographic has gradually become a mix of the traditional and a crowd that’s willing to experiment and deviates from the norm. Fashion, especially, has evolved a great deal in the city. So, you will find ample international and Indian brands with their latest collection on display along with the saree showrooms displaying our rich, ancient handloom history. Here are the best places to go shopping in Bangalore.


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Indiranagar, although an old area in Bangalore, is the hub for new ideas. 100 Feet Road is the hub of nightlife, but that’s not all. Exclusive clothing boutiques are mushrooming in the area and sell bespoke, handcrafted, sustainable fashion!


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Chikpet is every shopper’s dream! From pure silk fabrics at a reasonable rate to trendy fashion, Chikpet has shops for every shopaholic. The area is also known for the numerous gold and traditional jewelry shops it has. In Chikpet you can buy something for Rs. 300 or even Rs. 3,00,000.

Brigade Road

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This busy road is packed with big brands and local street markets. Brigade Road can get you a good bargain on the trendiest clothes or you can buy from some of the sought-after labels in the country.

Gandhi Bazaar

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Gandhi Bazaar is one of the oldest town markets in Bangalore and the best place to experience Bangalore as it would have been decades ago. The old stores selling clothes and steel utensils are unchanged. The colorful flower market is also one of the best in the city.

Commercial Street

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Commercial Street is one of the most popular shopping places in Bangalore and it’s likely that you have been told to visit the area if you discussed your plans for traveling to the city. The best and latest trendy clothes and jewelry make it the most popular hangout for youngsters.

Avenue Road

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Avenue Road is the best place for books at a bargain! The area has lots of old bookshops that sell academic syllabus books and novels. While some books can be old and tattered, there are heaps in great condition. It’s a big market for students to sell off their books after an academic year.

National Market

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National Market is known for selling gadgets and electronics at a reasonable rate. But, that’s not all that the area has. The home product shops will meet every need you have. An old area with shops lined on every inch, National Market is always bustling with crowds.


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Located in the north-west zone of the city, Malleshwaram retains an old-world charm. The area has delicious street food, rows of flower shops and a big farmer’s market. The flower shops are particularly beautiful for the lovely creative garlands used in weddings and temples.

BDA Complexes

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BDA Complexes in Bangalore were established in 1976 under the Bangalore Development Authority Act. Every area in Bangalore has one BDA Complex to itself, a gated shopping community with everything you will possibly need. From clothing brands, supermarkets, flower shops, restaurants and all kinds of home needs, BDA is a one-stop shopping place.


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