You know what gets us more excited than stars today? Star kids! That’s right. Bollywood, as you already must know, has a bunch of cutie patooties who have the papz waiting and us gushing, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they’re giving their folks a run for their fame. If you don’t believe us just try finding one fan account, we say ‘try’ because there are about a bazillion of these dedicated pages online. In fact, it was one of the munchkins’ birthday yesterday and boy, did she look cute. For those of you who don’t know, we’re talking about Shahid and Mira Kapoor’s darling daughter, Misha!

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The entire fam including chachu Ishaan got together to celebrate her day and it was no less than a gala. We even brought you pictures of the same. But papa Shahid recently shared another snap of the big girl, thanking everyone for their wishes and we’re truly stumped by how cute she looks. That and the fact that she looks like the spitting image of Sasha. She has even picked up on his famous, mischievous smile and how! Dekko.

See what we see? No? Well, here’s a picture of daddy dearest sporting the same disarming smile and this will definitely do the trick!

We told ya! Now, of course, kids take up after parents but this is nature’s wonder. Don’t you think? And now, with baby no 2 on the way, maybe he/she will snatch Mira’s features! In any way, this a small, happy family we love.


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