Nawab Taimur Ali Khan is here! His royal highness has decided to bless us with his cuteness today in a series of pictures which we have probably gawked at for good 10 minutes without blinking. Well, you can’t blame us for that.

Adorable is an understatement these days when used in Taimur’s context. He has gone beyond all parameters of being cute. Seen here, the little guy is deliriously happy. We might sound a bit weird here but we can actually imagine him giggling away to glory in these pictures.

Yesterday, we shared with you a few pictures of Taimur with Saif having a lot of fun out in the open. He was so happy to be out in the open. His nannies and even his dad were a bit amused to see how much the little Khan was enjoying his time out in the sun. We couldn’t take our eyes off his face… he looked ready to even go for a run if he was not reined in.


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