For the longest time, it was Taimur Ali Khan who had taken the responsibility of telling us as to just how to enjoy the weekend. Stepping out in cool casuals and some precious shades, li’l Tim set the tone for the weekends just right.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-22 at 11

But now it seems like any responsible elder cousin, he has passed on the baton of regaling the paparazzi to his equally cute and charming sister, Inaaya. While he still steps out and obliges the shutterbugs with smiles and giggles from time to time, the weekend vibes are set by Inaaya.


So in order to ensure that she continues the good deed, Inaaya decided to take around in her pram. Interestingly, her pram seems modified to look like a tricycle and for a minute there we were thrown. From the pictures, it is evident that while Inaaya was in a not-so-great mood when she began her round, by the end of it she couldn’t stop smiling.


Isn’t she a total cutie? Now that Inaaya has shown you how we are sure you must be pretty stoked to step out of the house no matter where you are going and make the most of your weekend. Even if you are in the grumpiest of moods, a ride or a short stroll is just what the doctor ordered. But hey, while you are at it, don’t forget to stay tuned to BollywoodLife for content that will make your weekend even more interesting!



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