Bigg Boss 12 has just concluded a week of being aired on TV and it has already got us hooked. So much so, that we find ourselves waiting eagerly for any bit of information on the inmates. And weekends are our absolute favourite for more reasons than one. First, because it means that we will get to watch Salman Khan reprimanding housemates in his own signature style. Secondly, Weekend Ka Vaar episodes also mean that we will get to watch the inmates come together and discuss all that happened during the week. And lastly, also the fact that weekend episodes usually feature a celeb, who comes to promote their film, and their interaction with Salman is worth the wait. And this weekend’s episode of the reality show is not going to disappoint, from what we hear. Here’s what will happen…


So, we have already told you how Varun Dhawan will be coming to Bigg Boss 12 this Sunday to promote his upcoming release, Sui Dhaaga. Once there, he will make Salman take the Sui Dhaaga challenge. Being the sport that he is, Salman will complete the challenge of embroidering his initials on a piece of cloth. And when he does that, Varun, being the goofball that he is, comments on how Salman is an eligible bachelor because he knows cooking, painting and now even stitching. Well, Varun, Salman really didn’t need to know anything to be an eligible bachelor. His immense good looks are enough for that.


Next, Varun goes into the house and inmates are over the moon to meet him. Once there, he makes Anup Jalota and his sweetheart, Jasleen Matharu, sing the bhajan version of Saturday Saturday, while Shivashish and Kriti grooved to the beats. Needless to say, the very thought of this is making us double over in laughter. Varun then announced the task for the nominated contestants who were divided into two groups – the singles comprised off Srishty, Sreesanth, Dipika and Neha, whereas the jodis included Shivashish, Jasleen, Somi and Deepak. The task was called ‘Made in India,’ and the contestants had to make cushions out of the cotton and the stitching material provided to them. Here is Varun interacting with the contestants…



While the contestants got busy with the task, Salman again intervenes to announce that it was time for the ‘Sultani Akhada’ where he called the Khan sisters and Dipika and Srishti to battle it out for a special power.



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