Like mother, like son. Seems like Taimur Ali Khan’s love for the paparazzi is growing by leaps and bounds and we are not even surprised. His mother, Kareena Kapoor Khan, is a paparazzi favourite and so is her sonny boy. And while the nanny isn’t too fond of them, seems like little Tim has no qualms whatsoever in posing for them.


Just this morning we told you as to how the nanny seemed none too pleased with the enthusiasm of the photographers and gave them a piece of her mind. But the next time, Taimur stepped out, he decided to make things clear.


Throwing caution to the winds, Taimur, who, by the way, was dressed in a cute blue onesie, made his love for the shutterbugs amply evident. He was walking home with his set of nannies. Like a carefree child that he is, he was completely in the weekend mood, swinging as they held on to him.


While he didn’t notice the cameras at first, lost as he was in his own world, the minute they called out to him, he stopped in his tracks, turned around, broke free of his nanny’s grip and waved to his fans. How cute. And how very filmi! Runs in the family, we guess.


Ain’t he just adorable. Earlier, we told you how he has set an example for his darling sister Inaaya. She, too, had stepped out in the morning to ride her pram, looking cute as a button. And we can’t wait to find out as to what both these cuties have planned for the weekend. Oh, how we love it when they meet for a playdate for that just mean a lot of cute pictures and hey, blame us all you want, but we are besotted!



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