Ranbir Kapoor has been away in Bulgaria shooting for Brahmastra since a while now. But the Kapoor lad returned to Mumbai yesterday and visited the RK Studios with his father, Rishi Kapoor, today, to participate in the Ganpati puja revelry.


The Kapoors have been bringing the Ganpati idol to their RK Studios for many years now. However, this might be the last time that they are able to do so as a while ago they had announced that they will be selling the studios.


Ranbir Kapoor looked as dapper as ever as he stepped out wearing denim with a white shirt. However, it was the glares that did the trick and set him apart even in the crowd. For the procession, Ranbir even tied a bandana around his head and that certainly made us swoon.


From the pictures, it is evident that it must be extremely chaotic out there. A couple of years ago, Rishi Kapoor had lost his cool and slapped journalists and fans at the procession.  But the whole procession seems to be a well-managed one this time, with Ranbir’s uncles Randhir and Rajiv Kapoor at the helm of affairs.



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