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6 Amazing Feelings Only A Maasi Can Relate To!



Becoming a maasi is one of the most wonderful feelings in life that can’t be expressed in words. These babies, with their tiny hands and feet, bring with themselves a list of additional roles and life goals for you, with no option of turning them down. Their cuteness and innocence are such that, even if one wants to, there is no girl in the world who would have the heart to deny this emotional, roller coaster ride. In fact, you prepare for this ride ever since your beloved sister breaks out the news that a little one is on its way to brighten your lives. All this while, if you were going, “I know what you mean!”, here’s a list of additional feelings you totally relate to if you are a maasi.

1. Congratulations, you’re a maasi — this statement, in reality, means

“Congratulations, you’re now an official lifetime babysitter for this adorable munchkin”. After all, no relationship comes without responsibility.

Also, the official private secretary to your sister for every function of your nephew/niece.

2. That moment when you hold the little one in your arms for the first time and also, the many times, later, when they cling to you or climb all over you like a monkey

3.Your social media accounts once flooded with your own silly selfies, are now all about your niece/nephew.

 No matter how much you hated kids earlier, this cuddle bunny becomes an exception.

4.You cherish the day when he/she first said the magic word, maasi. You even secretly wish it would have been the first word she ever said.

5.You hate the fact that he/she is growing up and want the time to stand still because you know the fact that once he/she grows up, things will change. It is a bittersweet truth of your life.

6.Meeting your sister without the cutie is just blah! I mean, why on earth would she hang out alone when she has such wonderful company?

7. You want to buy the entire toy/gift shop for him/her and pamper this little one to eternity. C’mon, who wouldn’t want to see that happy, excited face every time you bring along a gift?

8.You absolutely love when someone says that she shares your traits. The statement makes you silently take a trip to the moon and back.

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