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#BraStruggles: 22 Confessions That’ll Make Every Girl Go SO True!



Wearing a bra every day is NOT easy and we all know that. Those marks, that wire and the awkward fitting – it’s all a pain. We walk around wearing that pretty looking thing all day long and make it look effortless but it isn’t. Every girl knows the struggle by heart. These bra issues are an everyday story for us. So here’s a dose of laughter for every girl.

These hilarious bra confessions from Whisper will make you go so true. Lovely ladies, laugh till your bra pops open!

#1 Every. F***ing. Day!

#2 I can barely afford a bra, they are wayyy too expensive.

#3 I tried to pull up my bra and accidentally punched myself in the face

#4 We feel you!

#5 I hate when hair gets caught in my bra and I’m constantly trying to find it but I feel awkward with my hand down my shirt #Femaleproblems

#6 Underwire, why you do this?

#7 Agreed!

#8 Sometimes when I wear a push-up bra, I get distracted by my own cleavage.

#9 Instead of carrying around a purse I save my stuff in my bra

#10 I named my bra Brutus. He always tries to stab me.

#11 When your boob/nipple itches while you’re in public so you’ve got to try to discreetly stick your hand into your bra and scratch.

#12 Person: “hey your bra strap is showing!” Me: “Oh I’m sorry, are you going to survive or do I need to an ambulance?” *pulls out the whole bra

#13 My bra always shifts to the right Since my right boob is bigger 😬

#14 2 minutes into wearing a bra and all I want to do is take it off already

#15 The best part about wearing bras that hook at the front is you can put it on like a bad ass putting on a jet pack.

#16 As a woman, I’m not even sure how long it’s been since I last washed my bra.

#17 That is the best!

#18 We don’t even make efforts to look for it anymore…

#19 I hate how much bras and underwear costs. And for what? They break so easily

#20 I hate how the cutest bras are never in my size

#21True story!

#22 I tried being sexy for my boyfriend while taking off my bra and my hair got stuck in the hook…

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