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Ghungroo: Vaani Kapoor suffered ‘bruises’ and fell many times while shooting for the song War song



Vaani Kapoor’s features in the war against Hrithik Roshan and their chemical vibrations, the glorious dance movements at Ghungroo set the screen on fire. Party songs sung by Arijit Singh and Shilpa Rao will soon be chartbusters. People really enjoy watching the incredible Vaani dance moves in the song, but all that glitters is not gold. Vaani suffered several inj uries while shooting for the tra jectory. The actress truly amazed everyone with her acting spinning in the air, but she suffered so much to be perfect. Vaani Kapoor practiced for almost three months to get this technique correctly and this sequence was choreographed by Tushar Kalia.

Ghungroo: Vaani Kapoor sustained 'bruises' and fell a lot of times while shooting for the War song

Revealing the amount of devotion Vaani gave Ghungroo, Tushar said, “For that song, we practiced for almost 3 months. This is one of the most difficult songs I have ever choreographed. For the first time, an actress is trying a routine involving the Cyr wheel and Aerial rotating poles and both are routines that are very difficult to do even if you are a brilliant dancer. Once, I shared ideas with Siddharth and Vaani, they were very kicked about it and Vaani wanted to do everything to himself. double body for this! ”

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Praising Vaani because she is a brilliant actor, he added, “Vaani is an actor who works hard and I am amazed at his commitment. She got so many bruises, she fell many times and it was bad. Physically, it was very challenging but she was not never gave up and she never missed a day of practice. Because of her dedication, commitment and hard work, the song came out very well! I am really proud of what she did in the song … ”

Image result for latest images of Ghungroo: Vaani Kapoor suffered 'bruises' and fell many times while shooting for the song War song

On the other hand, Vaani acknowledged that this special sequence in Ghungroo was physically challenging. “I think my body experienced a lot of things during practice and filming. It was physically demanding and very challenging with the Cyr pole and wheel swing part of the dance but all the sweat and bruises were really worth it because it gave me the opportunity to do something completely new. “I am very happy and grateful that people love my appearance in Ghungroo and most importantly give so much love to songs and movies,” she said.

As Vaani mentioned, her hard work did pay off because the actress won praise from the masses! War features the release of Vaani, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff on October 2.

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